About Us

Neeltra factory for cement products and concrete pipes and accessories is a Sudanese registered factory founded in 2010. To fill the void in large diameter pipes in Sudan so our country development will continue growing.

Our Vision

Neeltra is one of the leading construction companies in Sudan. This level had been achieved by the latest machinery and through expert staff. Our vision is to be the leading construction company in the field of precast concrete in the Middle East and Africa.

Our Mission

To satisfy the client by providing him with high quality services and products with reasonable cost also to ensure our services by following up after end of each projects.

Our Goal

To have well trained staff work to provide high quality services and products for our clients.

Our Story

The company established its work in order to fulfill the shortage of experience in Sudan. In order to complete long life projects which cost less in the long terms and to keep our level of quality and production in high standards, the company use advanced quality control programs. Neeltra is always searching for new technology to keep up it level not only with the local companies but also to stay competitor to the global market.

Using its highly educational and expertise staff (engineers, business consultants and government links) Neeltra is willing to provide you with outstanding services and high quality products in rain sewers construction, sanitary sewers, water pipes, irrigation and others.


Neeltra was founded by three leading companies which made it born with huge experience and knowledge in the field. The shareholders are:

Neeltra International for investment Co. Ltd

Is a leading company in logistics and supply field.

Alnasr construction Co Ltd

Is the owner of the biggest residential compound in Khartoum and also a known construction company.

Khartoum state

Also has a share in the factory represented with the ministry of water and infrastructures. With the government connections, the construction and logistics knowledge the company gain very strong position.

To achieve our goals in providing our clients with high quality services and products our staff have been well trained by group of Italian engineers and technicians for 880 hours. The staff is well trained to operate the machines, maintain the machines and the methods to produce high quality concrete pipes.

Our Staff